Wastewater Facilities

Problem Areas in the application:

Benefits of adding the WET2400 mineral binding system to Wastewater applications:

*The alkalinity of the sodium hypochlorite solution causes the precipitation of minerals such as calcium carbonate, so that the shock chlorination is often accompanied by a clogging effect.  In some cases a sodium bisulfite or other chemical is added just before discharge to burn off the chlorine to acceptable levels.  This addition of sodium bisulfite creates an immediate and additional clogging effect.  The WET2400 can aid in the reduction of this clogging effect within equipment and carrier piping.

In general, after the digester, the processing of the wastewater causes damage in many system areas due to scale formation and buildup.  Continual maintenance is required on pump volute housings, acidic mixing and pump injection equipment, sampling probes, acid washing the interior media of air scrubber equipment and system plumbing and piping components (reducing flow).  The WET2400 can aid in the reduction of this scale formation within equipment and carrier piping.